Ownership at Work: ProdPerfect Value Spotlight


Ownership is the authority to make decisions and the responsibility of operation. ProdPerfect invests all members of the organization with the authority to make decisions on the systems within their domain and then similarly asks each person to be responsible for the outcomes of the system. This enables individual motivation and further a culture of ownership allows for the decentralization of decision-making that leads to better company-wide outcomes.

When an individual has sufficient ownership over the levers that can change a system they can then become fully responsible, actionably responsible, for the outcomes of that system. Transparency provides the framework for this true actionable ownership. By knowing a system inside and out such that one can predict the system the owner can similarly make predictions on what the outcome will be from their changes to the system. The owner can set baseline expectations and can set what their goals are for changing said system.

The empowerment of ownership allows the owner to experimentally learn their system, experimentally learn their own capabilities, and treat the area as a testbed to grow their capabilities. Thus ownership itself is one of the key mechanisms necessary to defeat burnout. Ownership sets the stage for the growth of personal development, expert empowerment, and even enablement of personal expression in an impactful way.