Test Coverage For Your Buyer’s Journey. E2E Test Automation Built For E-Commerce.

Whatever you sell, you probably make most of your money from online sales… until a bug gets in the way. How much did your last bug cost you? How many shopping experiences are abandoned due to a defect that slipped through quality assurance?

ProdPerfect’s eCommerce and retail clients thrive by embedding ProdPerfect in their deployment pipelines to autonomously test every feature on deployment, before it’s seen by users. They rest easy knowing that however their customers shop, that shopping behavior is always tested before deployment. They trust ProdPerfect’s analysis to know what’s important to test to ensure a smooth shopping experience, better than their own teams.

“ProdPerfect tests have uncovered a handful of issues that would have broken important workflows like login or checkout. The tests have stayed up to date. There have been no issues with changing workflows. Most of the changes are made the same day. ProdPerfect provides high quality tests that just work. “

Tom Jacklitsch, Chief Technology Officer Negotiatus

Some of Our eCommerce and Retail Customers


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