Come as you are and say it as it is

This is one of our seven defining cultural principles at ProdPerfect, and we mean it. Every member of the ProdSquad shares a commitment to respect each other as human beings, approach differences and diversity with enthusiastic curiosity, and listen with an open heart to learn as much as we can from each other. We invite everyone in the business to come to work as their authentic selves, where they know they will be fully embraced for who they are, and to always commit to bring respect and goodwill to their colleagues.

We enthusiastically encourage open diversity of backgrounds, of ideas, of beliefs, of hobbies and passions. Our team is curious and excited to learn about each other, and bond over both what makes us the same and what makes us different. We don’t ask anyone to abandon their own values or convictions for the sake of getting along—disagreements can be extremely powerful! We do make sure that disagreements are civil and that respect for everyone in the Squad is non-negotiable.


Diverse recruiting makes us stronger; do the work to make it happen

ProdPerfect attracts top Black, Hispanic, Women, LGBTQ+, and talent of all backgrounds, and helps them succeed throughout their careers at the company. We actively seek the strength that comes from having a diverse team, and we are proud of the unique culture, team spirit, and performance that has come from our efforts so far.

For every open role, we recruit from multiple channels and ensure our pipeline contains qualified candidates of different genders, races, and backgrounds. We have adopted Facebook’s Diverse Slate approach: we will not hire for any open role until we have interviewed at least one qualified woman and one qualified person of color. We use standardized rubrics and structured interview processes, and hiring managers must all train and retrain on the structured interview process as well as methods to minimize their own biases in hiring. We know that eliminating bias is difficult, and we put the work in to minimize its impact in order to hire the best talent in the market.

Improving our ability to find, attract, onboard, include, and retain diverse talent is a journey without end. We are constantly learning, listening, and iterating in our approach to improve our effectiveness.

Equity Through Structure and Radical Transparency

In order to prevent inequity in our compensation and promotion structures, we live the following commitments (and continually explore which new commitments we can make):

Everyone in the business receives the exact same benefits, from day one

Every salary and equity package is based on an external market benchmark for the role being filled

Every salary and equity package is public information in the company (this includes the founders)

All performance reviews are based on hard criteria for attributes and competencies relevant to the role

All performance reviews are subject to calibration with the management team

All promotions and raises are based on the outcome of these performance reviews

Continuously improving, together

We will never claim, or attempt to measure, whether we have “succeeded” in achieving a sufficiently diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. Instead, we work together, across all levels of the organization, to assess where our top opportunities for improvement lie.

The primary mechanism for improving our DEI efforts flows through our Culture Club, joined by folks from all departments and levels in the business. In Culture Club, all speak their minds freely about where we can make the most impact next, and the executive team works directly with Culture Club to make rapid, high-impact changes from that feedback. Culture Club has brought about many of the initiatives and commitments you see in this document, and you can read more about that here.

We are not “there” yet. Regression testing culture is difficult, if not for the simple fact that code is predictable; humans are not. Developing all of our cultures is a long-term project. It requires failure. It requires experimentation. And it requires unrelenting honesty and openness. But it is worth building.

Equal opportunity for all

We’re an equal opportunity employer, and strive to find ways to attract, develop, and retain highly qualified individuals representing the diverse communities in which we live. Decisions and criteria concerning the employment relationship with all employees are made in a non-discriminatory manner, without regard to race, color, creed, religion, gender, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran’s status, citizenship, disability (as defined by applicable law), and any other characteristic protected by law.