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Financial services with business- and consumer-facing applications choose to work with ProdPerfect to gain a strategic edge in the marketplace. Competition is fierce, and customers have high expectations for both product quality and feature velocity. 

ProdPerfect’s financial services clients thrive by embedding ProdPerfect in their deployment pipelines to autonomously test every feature on deployment, before it’s seen by users. They rest easy knowing that their customers’ priorities are always tested, and major bugs will never make it to production. Our clients can move fast, knowing they won’t interrupt their customers’ experience with a release.

"Our developers no longer need to write and maintain the end-to-end tests that made them less efficient. Additionally, the E2E tests from ProdPerfect are better and cover more cases, and they're updated more quickly. It's much better than doing it ourselves."

Joe Emison, Chief Technology Officer Branch Insurance

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