Hands-Off QA Testing as a Software Product

Automated E2E Testing Using Live User Data

  • Coverage for every core workflow on your application.
  • Deployment within weeks of installing data tracker.
  • 4-hour regression of broken tests.
  • 95%+ test stability.
  • 48-hour test coverage for brand new feature sets.

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Cover Real User Activity

Test how users are actually interacting with your page using live user data instead of your best guess.

Better Testing Coverage

Close your coverage gaps. Identify and test key common user flows you could be missing.

Faster Deployments

Keep your test suite updated and always ready to run in minutes. Get instant feedback on code quality.

"Just recently we migrated to Rails 5 and ProdPerfect caught a bug in autosave that would have been really painful. Now I’m confident enough that I just updated 75 Gems at once, which was unimaginable before."

Forrest Blount, CTO

Elemental Machines

"ProdPerfect has identified 5-6 potentially site breaking bugs. The service was entirely worth it as soon as we found 1. It’s an integral part of our testing and deployment pipelines."

Tom Jaklitsch, CTO


"It makes sense: our regression tests should cover what our users are doing. I don’t have to think about it until ProdPerfect sends us a bug report, which we can quickly resolve before the build goes to production."

Thorsten Hemann, CTO


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