Test Deployments (E2E) As Often As Every Commit

E2E test suites are conventionally slow because engineers build tests blindly and therefore build too many tests in the can only hope they cover critical workflows. ProdPerfect prioritizes tests with laser-focus by analyzing your application’s traffic to factually determine top-priority tests. This enables much faster delivery of web and mobile apps, because these tests run in minutes, not hours, and give instant feedback to every developer on every deployment.

Elite software teams are pushing past agile development, and bringing software testing with them. Don’t wait for the end of a sprint to find out if you’ve got problems; shift left and eliminate the testing bottleneck in DevOps by getting feedback on your latest commits at every stage of development with continuous testing.

QA That Can Make the Shift to Continuous Development

Regression cycles can take days, and development can grind to a halt with every sprint. Take the leap to Continuous Development by eliminating your regression cycle with ultra-prioritized E2E tests that your users say matter most.

Continuous Development

Slash the Cost of Fixing Priority Bugs

The earlier a bug is caught in the SDLC, the cheaper and easier it is to fix. Run ProdPerfect with every build and give engineers feedback about their code while they get coffee; each engineer can fix their own code while they’re still fresh and in flow.

Slash the Cost of Fixing Priority Bugs

How It Works

We build and maintain E2E test code in 3 steps:

Collect (PII-free) product analytics data from an application clickstream

Analyze that data to understand core patterns of behavior on the application

Specify these patterns to a test environment and stabilize the scripts

We’re saving money, pushing less bugs to production, and focusing the small engineering team we do have on building great things.

Matt McNamara, Head of Engineering The Mom Project

Matt McNamara
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ProdPerfect lets you test earlier and more often – From inside your CI – which affords truly continuous deployment.

Lean Test Suites 250X Faster Than A Sprint