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Software as a Service

In Software as a Service (SaaS), quality is table stakes. Bugs lead to low NPS and high churn, killing economics and driving customer success managers absolutely batty. SaaS software development teams face the added challenge of high competition, needing to rush new features to market constantly to stay ahead. Running high speed, with high quality, and without exorbitant cost can feel impossible.

Software as a Service

ProdPerfect’s SaaS customers thrive by spending a fraction on Quality Assurance that they would with conventional methods, and by elevating their engineers to focus on features, not test maintenance. ProdPerfect’s data-driven, highly-prioritized test suites run quickly and continuously, ensuring that experience-breaking bugs are found early in the software development lifecycle (SDLC), and never in production. Our clients move fast and drive NPS up, not down, with their releases.

“We are a smaller company with one QA versus 7 developers. Naturally the time we have to test is limited. It’s nice to know the tests are running hourly and two different environments, and time a failure has happened, we get a quick update from their system and their team. It’s like having a co-worker instead of a vendor!”

Mika Spasojevich, Lead Quality Assurance Engineer GovDocs

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