Scaling E2E Test Coverage Has Never Been Easier.


Multi-sided marketplace applications have the special challenges of requiring deep, inter-application integrations and of keeping many different user roles in mind when developing features.


ProdPerfect’s marketplace appliaction clients thrive by embedding ProdPerfect in their deployment pipelines to autonomously test every feature on deployment, before it’s seen by users. They rest easy knowing that their customers’ priorities are always tested, and major bugs will never make it to production. Our clients can move fast, knowing they won’t interrupt their customers’ experience with a release.

“With ProdPerfect, I’m getting a self-learning (through the tracking pixel on the site) external dev team that acts more like an in-house team, and the price point we’re paying is way lower than having an in-house dedicated resource. We’re saving money, pushing less bugs to production, and focusing the small engineering team we do have on building great things instead of urgently fixing bugs that slipped past the checks we had before ProdPerfect.”

Matt McNamara, Head of Engineering The Mom Project

Some of Our Marketplace Application Customers


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