2020 Software Testing Landscape

All new technology markets emerge, fragment, and consolidate. Software testing in many ways is reaching only its adolescent stage; currently we are seeing many new and innovative technologies come to the market every year, and the mix between niche and platform plays makes navigating the landscape increasingly difficult.

We chose to update Redpoint Capital’s trailblazing effort with new companies in the market and a few new layers of categorization. This makes the navigation slightly more complicated, but much more precise for those attempting to shop for the right technologies or products.

There are several very new technologies that are either not funded or barely funded. Given the economic slowdown and capital drought associated with COVID-19, we are, for the moment, holding off on adding some of the youngest products that we are aware of. If they survive, we will add them later in the year. We also anticipate that COVID-19 will provoke a fairly intensive consolidation of the market and will look to update later in 2020 for that reason as well. Some companies who failed to excel at product-market fit will dissolve. Others with great products who have not yet built marketing and sales engines will likely be acquired; we will note this in our update later this year.

If you believe a product or company is missing from this software landscape, let us know by emailing us at marketing@prodperfect.com.