How America’s Most Innovative Insurer Develops Software

Joe Emison, CTO of Branch Insurance, has move fast. Their innovative platform provides customers a home and auto insurance bundle with only their name and address. This needs to happen in seconds, it needs to work within the insurance rules and systems of every state in the US, and it needs to constantly optimize to give users a smooth experience.

Agile doesn’t cut it–not even close. Joe has to ship small changes, continuously, to keep the platform developing efficiently.

Joe’s team also can’t afford to ship bugs: his users and carriers depend on Branch to operate flawlessly. A false insurance price could cost millions.

How does Joe move at lightning speed, with a handful of developers, and top-notch quality?

In this webinar, learn how Joe put together serverless architecture, a continuous deployment development pipeline, and a QA testing architecture that make Branch a role model for software teams everywhere.