As little as 1/4 of the Cost of Internal QA

Monthly Subscription

  • Risk-Free Month
  • Test Coverage for Every Core Workflow
  • Deployment within 6 Weeks
  • 95%+ test stability
  • <4-hour regeneration of broken tests
  • <48-hour coverage for brand new feature sets

Get a Custom Quote

ProdPerfect costs a flat monthly fee that scales directly with the size of the developer team whose code we’re testing—just like a QA automation engineering team does. You should expect us to cost as little as 1/4 of what you’d spend on an internal QA automation team for the same scale of work (and expect of course an exceptional result!).

Hop on the line with us and we’ll help scope the right initial deployment and get you a quote.

This kind of bug is the exact reason why ProdPerfect is useful… your alert caught a signup-flow breaking bug.

Tom Jaklitsch

CTO, Negotiatus

Your service is excellent and I wish I’d started working with you sooner.

Forrest Blount

CTO, Bridge US

ProdPerfect deals with regression for us, at least as well as we could do it for ourselves (on our best day) for less than we’d pay to in-house that process.

John Rodley

VP Engineering, Elemental Machines

I'm amazed at how well and completely you understand the usage of the application. I've never seen anything like this.

Dan Morena

CTO, FundThatFlip

I don’t have to think about ProdPerfect until it sends us a bug report, which we can quickly resolve before the build goes to production.

Thorsten Hemann

CTO, optilyz

ProdPerfect is automatically testing every build, letting us know if any bugs are going to make it to production—their service provides a level of comfort we didn't have before and it makes mine and my developers' lives a lot easier.

Justin Johnson

Sr. Director of Engineering, Trilogy Education (2U)

Pricing FAQ's

We have a month-long pilot for all new customers. You have 30 days to use the full ProdPerfect service before needing to decide whether you want to subscribe for the rest of the year. If you do decide to subscribe, the pilot is the first month in your annual contract. This isn’t a “free trial” button: there’s work to do together to understand how to fit into your deployment process, so we’ll be starting with a call!

Conventionally, software engineering teams need to bring on one QA automation engineer for every four or five software developers, or otherwise devote between ⅕ and ⅙ of engineering team time to building and maintaining an automated test suite. Depending on where you hire engineers, we will cost as little as ¼ of the all-in (salary + benefits/overhead) costs of that ratio of headcount/engineering time. 

We’re a fully-managed service that can use machine learning to defer additional headcount in your engineering team and save them a substantial fraction of their time—at a small fraction of the cost of hiring the engineering talent to do the equivalent scale of work. Our dozens of customers end up deciding we’re well worth the money!

Nope. We lock in your pricing for the full term of our contract. We don’t want to have a call every month about your engineering headcount any more than you do. 

There aren’t any. Unlike a consumption-model service such as crowdtesting, we’re just a flat monthly fee for your whole term with us: no changes, no gotchas.