The State of End-to-End Testing

The End-to-End Testing Future is Here

As software continues to eat the world and as the software industry continues to evolve, end-to-end (E2E) testing has remained a key part of the development process. With this flagship survey, we reached across the QA and software testing community to get a pulse on the tools, development methodologies, and testing techniques used by software professionals today, as well as to establish measurable benchmarks for future analyses.

If your end-to-end testing practices aren’t where you want them to be, don’t worry. This report will help you learn more about what your peers are doing today in testing. You’ll also see key callouts and recommendations from our thought leaders and testing experts to get you to the next level. Keep reading to discover more.

Lastly, if you’re one of the contributors that took the time to fill out the survey, thank you. Your priceless feedback and insights helped make this report possible.

The State of E2E Testing

ProdPerfect created the 2020 State of End-to-End (E2E) Testing survey to better understand software teams’ current approaches to planning, designing, developing, and monitoring their E2E tests. This report reveals important insights into key testing priorities and challenges through questions such as: How do teams measure the effectiveness of their E2E test suites? What are the greatest obstacles preventing teams from automating more of their E2E testing? Findings provide actionable recommendations to help your organization identify opportunities to take your E2E testing to the next level.

We conducted a global online 30-question survey from April to May 2020 and collected a total of 193 responses. The primary audience for the survey were software engineering leaders, QA, and software testing professionals. Responses were collected via email, online advertisements, and social media. Findings presented are based upon the completed responses from 150 developers, software testers, and QA professionals and leaders from 32 countries. A copy of this report and five $100 Amazon gift cards were offered as incentives for full participation.

Want to know more? Download the full report and see what the state of end to end testing is for yourself.

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