The Cost of a Software Bug in Production


How much did your last software bug cost you?

Everyone knows bugs in production cost revenue and are a nightmare for the engineering team. But browser automated testing is so costly and inconsistent that many teams abandon efforts to maintain a testing suite. At what cost?

How much QA and developer time was allocated to fixing the bug? How far was your next release pushed out? How much downtime did you experience, and how much revenue was lost while finding and fixing the bug?

IBM estimates that a bug making it to production increases your costs by 7x versus finding the bug in testing. Why hasn’t conventional browser automation testing solved the problem?

Conventional End to End Testing Isn’t Worth It

No matter what tool you use to maintain end to end testing, you’re stuck with three fundamental problems:

  1. A talented engineer needs to write every test specification by hand
  2. Browser-level tests are brittle and flaky, and highly costly to maintain
  3. You simply don’t know your test coverage level

But what if it just worked? What if your users’ behavior was building and updating your testing suite—automatically?

Sound too good to be true? Learn how you can break the cycle — schedule a demo today.

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