Autonomous E2E Application Testing Disruptor ProdPerfect Announces $13M Series A Led by Anthos Capital 


Strong momentum for ProdPerfect’s E2E testing platform based on data-driven, machine-led analysis of anonymous live user traffic

San Francisco, CA, Dec. 17, 2019ProdPerfect, the emerging leader in autonomous end-to-end (E2E) web application testing, today announced its $13 million Series A round led by Anthos Capital with the participation of Fika Ventures, Eniac Ventures, Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, and Acrew Capital. Unleashing the power of machine learning to solve the hardest, most important, and previously unsolved problems in E2E QA testing, ProdPerfect autonomously and continuously identifies, creates, maintains, and evolves E2E test suites via analysis of live user traffic. Building on its $2.6 million seed round announced in March 2019, the company has over 50 customers and has been growing 25 percent month over month in booked revenue. The new Series A funding with Anthos Capital will enable ProdPerfect to further maximize its impact on application quality, deployment speed, and developer productivity for technology leaders. 

“ProdPerfect matches our investment profile to support high impact, mission-driven teams building disruptive companies in spaces ripe for transformation,” shared Paul Farr of Anthos Capital. “Their data-driven approach removes the guesswork and critical coverage problems in application testing by automatically discovering and testing based on live user traffic – freeing up valuable engineering resources for digital product innovation.”

“We are thrilled to have the support and recognition of Anthos Capital for our mission to fight burnout in software engineers by automating pains out of software development and improving developer impact,” said Dan Widing, Founder and CEO of ProdPerfect. “And we are excited to have the vote of confidence for our radical approach to quality assurance by our growing customer base, consisting of Silicon Valley hypergrowth startups to established global brands.”

As late as 2019, even sophisticated businesses struggle with software testing. According to recent research conducted by large industry players and research firms, 44% of software companies are still testing mostly or entirely manually; only 28% have become mostly or fully automated. Additionally, one third of testing teams are still using spreadsheets for test management. Only 17% have fully embraced DevOps, and only 21% are able to fix bugs immediately. The bugs that are not caught by testing cost the globe literally trillions per year. This is true despite the fact that 25% of software budgets are allocated towards testing for QA. Decades of work to build partial solutions to the global QA problem have not met the needs of engineering teams.

ProdPerfect sets itself apart from the myriad of “automated” testing solutions by deploying a fully-managed, hands-off E2E autonomous browser-level regression test suite based on anonymous live user data, which requires no training, maintenance, or mindshare. 

“There’s nothing else available that can do what ProdPerfect does. No other test automation product will help you determine what tests to write, and none of them are hands-off like ProdPerfect,” shares Tom Jaklitsch, CTO of Negotiatus, a leading purchasing software solution and an early ProdPerfect customer. “ProdPerfect identified 5-6 potentially site-breaking bugs in test, but the service was entirely worth it as soon as we found one. It’s an integral part of our testing and deployment pipelines, and knowing that our integration tests are constantly up-to-date and protecting our core workflows has empowered our engineering and product teams to deliver more efficiently.”

About ProdPerfect

ProdPerfect is the first autonomous, end-to-end (E2E), regression testing solution that continuously identifies, creates, maintains, and evolves E2E test suites via data-driven, machine-led analysis of live user traffic. It is the only fully-managed solution that addresses critical test coverage gaps, eliminates long test suite runtimes and costly bugs in production, and removes the QA burden that consumes massive engineering resources.

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