What’s New at ProdPerfect?


Supporting Pre-Stage Environments

ProdPerfect is now running in Heroku Review Apps and other ephemeral environments! Our platform now supports targeting pre-staging environments that are spun up by your team to test feature branches during the pull request. This marks a huge step for us better supporting Continuous Testing.

Requesting Skipped Tests

In our test result Web Portal, you can also now request a test to be skipped. This is a great option for when your team pushes a UI change without a regression, to get a failing test offline and into the update queue. This will keep the test from blocking the next build. 

How ProdPerfect is Changing the Game for Clients

“It makes sense.  Our regression tests should cover what our users are doing.”  -Thorsten Hemann, CTO, Optilyz

“The ROI on ProdPerfect is really obvious…less mindshare for me and my leadership team.” -John Rodley, VP of Engineering, Elemental Machines

“Now I’m confident enough that I just updated 75 [Ruby] Gems at once, which was unimaginable before. -Forrest Blount, CTO, Bridge US 

Knowing that our integration tests are constantly up-to-date and protecting our core workflows has empowered our engineering and product teams to deliver more efficiently.” -Tom Jaklitsch, CTO, Negotiatus

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