ProdPerfect’s Wild Story Summed Up by CoFounder Erik

Our cofounder & COO Erik recently joined Code Story to share a few of the exciting ups-and-downs of the ProdPerfect journey.

Check out the episode here!

Erik covers a range of topics relevant for engineering leaders and startup founders everywhere, including:

  • How to think about your MVP in your own unique context, to get the right product for your value proposition and buyer
  • How to make culture the backbone of your business’s success
  • How to handle the heavy load of customer feedback in your early product, little of which you have bandwidth to implement
  • How to sell your product to early adopters
  • How to motivate and coach young, ambitious leaders to take ion outsized responsibility and excel

It’s full of some great (and at times terrifying) stories, including a few times ProdPerfect almost didn’t make it. Enjoy!

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